BioFuels Washington, LLC

Landfill Gas to Energy Facility

The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department has issued a solid waste permit for the BioFuels Washington, LLC Landfill Gas to Energy Facility located at the LRI Landfill.

Prior to issuing the permit, effective December 14, 2012, the Health Department evaluated the BioFuels Solid Waste Permit Application, consulted with the Washington State Department of Ecology and the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, and reviewed comments from the public.

The Health Department invited public comment on the BioFuels permit application from October 25 through November 26, 2012. The comments, and the Health Department’s responses, have been collected in a Responsiveness Summary, available below.

The BioFuels facility will use landfill gas generated at the LRI Landfill to generate electricity and produce compressed natural gas (CNG). The renewable energy facility will be located adjacent to the landfill’s existing landfill gas flares. Landfill gas will be piped to the facility, where reciprocating engines will generate electricity and the landfill gas will be processed into CNG. Electricity will sold to Puget Sound Energy. CNG will be processed then transferred to a truck load-out station, where it will be loaded into tube trailers. The tube trailers will transport CNG to designated filling stations or an injection point on the Williams Northwest Pipeline for end use.

BioFuels proposes to develop the site in three phases. The first phase of facility development will include Phase 1A, the conversion of landfill gas to electricity, followed by Phase 1B, the conversion of landfill gas to CNG. The current solid waste permit addresses only Phase 1A and 1B. Subsequent development (Phases 2 and 3) to add additional capacity for electrical generation or CNG production will require separate review.

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