Permit Modification Issued to LRI Landfill

Pierce County Recycling, Disposal, & Composting, LLC dba LRI is the owner and operator of the LRI Landfill located at 30919 Meridian St East (SR 161). In 2015, LRI submitted an application to modify the term of the landfill's solid waste handling permit.

The permit modification granted by Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department on Jan. 7, 2016, changes the term of the permit from a 10-year permit that undergoes a reissuance process every 10th year to a term equal to the remaining operational phase of the LRI Landfill’s life. The remaining operational phase of the landfill is currently projected to be another 25 to 35 years. LRI Landfill’s 2014 Annual Report included an estimated closure date of 2044. This projection is heavily dependent upon Pierce County’s population growth, economic activity and the success of recycling and diversion programs.

LRI’s request to change the term of the Landfill’s Solid Waste Permit was the result of changes made to state solid waste regulations by the Washington Department of Ecology. The change in the term of the Solid Waste Permit won’t affect day to day operations of the landfill, environmental monitoring performed at the site or other conditions that exist within the LRI Landfill Solid Waste Permit. The Health Department won’t require LRI to complete permit reissuance processes moving forward, but will continue to perform annual permit renewals and update the Solid Waste Permit conditions as needed.

The Health Department requested comments from the public on this modification application and received comments from 17 people. The Department prepared written responses to comments in the LRI Landfill Permit Modification Responsiveness Summary.

Click the links to see the facility’s environmental monitoring reports and past solid waste handling permits.

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