LRI Landfill

Pierce County Recycling, Disposal, & Composting, dba LRI, is the owner and operator of the LRI Landfill located at 30919 Meridian St East (SR 161).

Extensive environmental monitoring is performed at the LRI Landfill as a requirement of the facility's solid waste permit and other regulatory requirements. Requirements include daily, monthly and quarterly monitoring of various environmental media at the site. This includes groundwater and surface water quality monitoring, and landfill gas (methane) monitoring.

The LRI Landfill Solid Waste Permit was re-issued in 2006 for ten years and will expire on February 6, 2016. LRI shall, however, apply annually for renewal of the facility’s permit in accordance with WAC 173-351-700(5) except for 2016, when the permit will be subject to the reissuance requirements established in WAC 173-351-720(7).

During the landfill's 2006 permit re-issuance, area residents expressed concerns about potential impacts from the landfill upon drinking water. The Health Department called for the landfill operator, LRI, to fund annual drinking water studies for the duration of the permit, through 2016.

Residents within one-half mile of the landfill can have their wells tested every year. The Health Department contacts the owners or residents of the approximately 200 eligible properties before sampling each fall and spring. Residents can opt in or out of the program at any time. Results of the well testing are shared with each resident, and summarized in a report. This report should be more useful to the community as more data is collected each year and as more residents participate.