Infectious Waste Management

Environmental Health Code, Chapter 6, Infectious Waste Regulation - Board of Health Resolution 2010-4226

Environmental Health Code, Chapter 1, General Provisions - Board of Health Resolution 2010-4221

Appeals Process of Orders and Decisions of the Health Officer, Board of Health Resolution 2010-4224

The Health Department considers infectious waste a significant public and environmental health threat. The health department regulates all infectious waste generators, transporters, and disposal companies in Pierce County. Each infectious waste facility must develop a management plan, provide annual training to staff, allow for Health Department inspections, and pay an annual permit fee. Since becoming regulated, significant improvements have been identified with regard to infectious waste handler safety, volumes of infectious waste rendered non-infectious prior to disposal, and appropriate final disposal of the waste stream.

New Facility Information
Prior to receiving an infectious waste permit in Pierce County you must:

Once these items are received, an on-site inspection of your facility will be scheduled and performed.

Existing Facility
The Self-Inspection Form is a tool to assist infectious waste generators in evaluating their infectious waste management plan and program. Policies and procedures should be reviewed periodically to make sure they are up-to-date, evaluate their effectiveness in maintaining a safe work environment, ensure the safety of those handling infectious waste, and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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