Waste Management

The Health Department's Waste Management Program protects public health and the environment in Pierce County by addressing issues related to solid waste (non-hazardous) and hazardous waste.

Waste Management Program staff oversee the design, construction, and operation of landfills and composting facilities. We also regulate transfer stations, recycling facilities, household hazardous waste collection programs, contaminated soil treatment facilities, biosolids (treated sewage sludge), and facilities that generate infectious ("medical") waste. We monitor numerous closed or abandoned landfills throughout Pierce County and screen wastes to ensure that they are not 'hazardous waste' and are acceptable at the permitted solid waste facilities in Pierce County. (See Waste Disposal Authorization)

The Waste Management Program provides information regarding proper hazardous waste handling, storage, and disposal to businesses and residents. We consult with business operators, maintain a resource library, participate in community events, and operate the Hazardous Waste Line, 1- 800-287-6429 or email us.