Safe Shellfish Program

Current Surface Water Advisories

Our local beaches and waterways along Puget Sound give us the opportunity to harvest crab, clams, oysters, mussels, and other foods from the sea. We make sure you can safely harvest and consume shellfish in Pierce County.

There are many recreational shellfish areas in Pierce County (see map for information on each beach). Some may be closed on a temporary basis due to high concentrations of shellfish biotoxins like Paralytic Shellfish Poison (PSP) or illnesses due to Vibrio. Some may be closed to prevent over-harvesting. Some have experienced a decline in water quality, limiting the ability to harvest clams and oysters. The decline in water quality of these growing areas can be caused by failing septic systems, poor animal keeping practices, or storm-water runoff.

The Health Department is a member of the Pierce County Shellfish Partners team that protects and improves water quality in the shellfish watersheds. Other members of the team include Pierce County Surface Water Management, Pierce Conservation District, Harbor Wildwatch, and Citizens for a Healthy Bay, along with a number of other governments, agencies and organizations.

The Shellfish Partners work is detailed in the:

The Partners’ efforts have helped improve water quality in a number of shellfish areas in Pierce County. See more here.

The Health Department works to identify and correct failing septic systems and takes many water samples to help identify other problem areas.

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Shellfish Protection

Pierce County has three Shellfish Protection Districts: Rocky Bay, Burley Lagoon and Filucy Bay. Burley Lagoon and Filucy Bay have Water Quality Team’s that meet quarterly to discuss activities occurring in these areas to improve water quality. See links to meeting notes below.

Burley Lagoon Water Quality Team Meeting Notes

January 2016
October 2015
July 2015
April 2015

Filucy Bay Water Quality Team Meeting Notes

January 2016
October 2015
July 2015
April 2015

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