Surface Water Quality

  Current Surface Water Advisories

 Good water quality means good quality of life.

Do you know what affects the quality of our lakes, streams and Puget Sound? Everything from pet waste left on the ground, pesticides and fertilizers used in your yard to poorly maintained septic systems.

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department monitors water quality. We take water samples and get them tested. When conditions are unsafe, we issue advisories to protect people from getting sick.

Vision: Pierce County has access to safe and reliable water resources.

: Develop, implement, and sustain activities that promote public health associated with Surface Water.


Meet our team!

Surface Water Staff

Brad Harp – Program Manager (not pictured)

Cindy Callahan – Program Supervisor

Ray Hanowell – Program Lead

Austin Jennings – Technical Staff

Lindsay Tuttle – Technical Staff

Luke Sturgeon- Administrative Assistant II (not pictured)

Mark LaVergne – Technical Staff



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