Septic System Operation & Maintenance

The Health Department's Septic System Operation and Maintenance Program works to ensure that septic systems are located and installed correctly and kept in good working condition. Your septic system is ranked as Low, Moderate, or High risk based on the type of system you have and where it is located.

We help you keep your septic system in good working order. We provide you with educational materials to inform you about the type of system you have, its location, and actions you can take to keep your system working properly. This reduces the risk of contaminating groundwater and surface water, and reduces the risk to you, your family, and pets from exposure to untreated sewage. Good operation and maintenance practices also help extend the life of your septic system and save you money!

Questions to ask your Septic System Professionals

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On-Site Septic Information for Homeowners

Septic Safety for Homeowners


Understanding and Maintaining Your Gravity Septic System
Understanding and Maintaining Your Pressure Distribution System
Understanding and Maintaining Your Sand Filter System
Understanding and Maintaining Your Mound System

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