On-Site Professionals

The On-Site Sewage Disposal Installer written exam, O&M Technician exam, and O&M Specialist exam are now offered by the  Washington On-Site Sewage Association (WOSSA). Exams cost $175 each.  Go to www.wossa.org or call John Thomas at (253) 297-2837 for information or to schedule an exam.

2017 O&M Workshop Presentations

2016 O&M Workshop Presentations

On-Site Sewage and Well Permitting Staff Assignment Areas Map

On-Site Sewage and Well Permitting Staff Contacts

Extended Maintenance and Minor Repairs (EMMR) Reporting Guidelines

OnlineRME Reporting Pierce County User Guide

OSS Comments Implemented June 1, 2015

RSS Deficiencies with Resolutions

RSS Guidance Policy

High Winter Water Table Review Policy

Surfacing Sewage Letter

OnlineRME Fees Letter

OSS Deficiency Letter

Vertical Separation Waiver/Variance

Vertical Separation Variance Criteria and Approval
Vertical Separation Variance Title Recording Template

Minimum Residential Design Flow Waiver/Variance

Minimum Residential Design Flow Variance
Minimum Residential Design Flow Variance Title Recording Template

ISG Meeting Documents

Fee Schedule 

Applications and Forms

Methamphetamine Contaminated Properties

Contaminated meth lab sites are listed at www.tpchd.org/methlabs. Active sites are in bold on page 1. Active designation means no trespassing is allowed and no septic work or pumping is to take place on the property.

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