Craft3: Clean Water Loan

Septic Repair Not In Your Budget?

Taking care of septic repairs just got easier.

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department now offers an affordable loan program through Craft3, a nonprofit lender serving Washington and Oregon.

Craft3’s Clean Water Loan is available to help septic system owners repair, upgrade or replace failing systems. Loans can cover all upfront and construction costs, including septic system design, permits, and installation and includes a reserve of up to $1,750 to help property owners pay for ongoing inspections, repairs and compliance issues.
The loan program is fit for a wide range of properties, incomes and credit backgrounds, reducing financial barriers for families and small businesses. It also offers an economic boost to local businesses, as funds go directly to the contractor with a portion available upfront for materials and labor.

To learn more and apply:
(888) 231-2170

To contact our department:
(253) 798-6569