Place MatterWhy does place matter?

Places where people live, work, play and care about have qualities or features that show a community’s values, inspirations and potential. Ideally these places or neighborhoods are inviting, inclusive, and perhaps most importantly, accessible to the public. However, not all places are conducive to a healthy prosperous community, and some may actually promote poorer health and lower quality of life.

Places with memorable physical characteristics and a pleasant and safe atmosphere function well for a variety of community activities meaningful to both local inhabitants and visitors. Places can be a park, a street, a historic downtown, a street corner, a market, a plaza, a garden, or a wide variety of other public destinations. Qualities of place influence quality of life. Great places attract people and vitalize local economy. People drawn to the same space tend to get to know each other. People interacting with one another build stronger, healthier communities. Ultimately, creating good public spaces promotes people’s health, happiness, and well-being.