Planning Process Tools

Good long-range planning promotes the health of both the population and the environment. Planning with public health in mind will enhance access to healthy communities—for everyone.

The process tools integrate a health lens into the nine steps or tasks of the Comprehensive Plan Update planning process, which includes public participation. Tools selected have proven effective to support Washington State’s Growth Management Act. The tools provide both a decision-making framework and a set of actions designed to bring community health needs and disparities into the public eye through an inclusive community engagement process.

The health lens complements the traditional planning practices. This approach involves underrepresented populations, brings health issues to the forefront in the community assessment process, and identifies geographically underserved areas and concentrations of disparities to support the people-prosperity-planet approach.
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Steps in Comprehensive Plan Update Process
  1. Visioning
  2. Community Assessment and Existing Conditions Update
  3. Goal Formulation
  4. Policy Development
  5. Draft Plan Review
  6. SEPA Review
  7. Final Plan Adoption
  8. Plan Implementation
  9. Plan Monitoring and Performance Management