Lead Prevention Tips for Parents of Young Children

  1. Keep your child away from peeling paint and home repairs that disturb lead paint.
  2. Report peeling paint to your landlord. If your landlord does not make repairs, contact your local tenant's rights organization.
  3. Frequently wash hands, toys, pacifiers, bottles and other items your child places in his or her mouth.
  4. Clean floors, windowsills and dusty places often with wet mops and wet cloths.
  5. Avoid using health remedies (such as azarcon, greta, paylooah) and eye cosmetics (such as kohl, kajal, surma) from other countries. Some of these products have been found to contain high levels of lead.
  6. Use caution when using candies, spices, snack foods and children's toys and jewelry made in other countries. These items may contain lead.
  7. Use only cold water for making baby formula, drinking and cooking. Let the water run for at least 60 seconds before use.
  8. Keep your child away from work clothes and tools of household members who do construction work and other work and hobbies that may expose them to lead.
  9. Wash work clothes separately from other laundry. Remove shoes and work clothes before entering your home.
  10. Use safe work methods when doing home repair that disturbs paint. For information on lead-safe work methods, see EPA's lead webpage.
*Content from Department of Health's Expert Panel Childhood Lead Screening Guidelines.