South Tacoma Groundwater Protection District

The South Tacoma Groundwater Protection District (STGPD) was created to protect an important source of water for Tacoma. The district border includes a mostly industrial area (see map). This area is on top of the South Tacoma aquifer. An aquifer is gravel or sand that is underground and is saturated with water. This aquifer provides up to 40% of Tacoma's water in the summer and adds to Tacoma's water supply the rest of the year.

To help reduce the risk of polluting the water and the need for clean up, the STGPD is based on prevention. Identifying and preventing likely sources of pollution from entering the soil and water is a less expensive and better way to protect the water supply.

The STGPD is governed by an ordinance and guidelines that detail the way businesses must manage their hazardous materials.

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