Environmental Health Priorities

Environmental health involves understanding hazards in our homes and communities, and preventing them from harming our health.

The Health Department was awarded a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency to find out what environmental health issues are most important to county residents, and what we should do about them. To do this, Pierce County Coalition for Environmental Health Priorities members met from April 2007 to January 2009. Please click on the link for meeting agendas, notes, and more:
The Health Department applied for but did not receive an EPA CARE Level II grant in 2009. In 2010 the funding committee combined the community gardening and restoring natural areas action plans into a Neighborhood Stewardship Action Plan, incorporating reasons the 2009 proposal was rejected. The South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group offered to be the lead/fiscal agency and submitted the 2010 proposal:
Coalition members are working on finding funding for an implementing these action plans:
  • Food systems: schools and community gardens
  • Land:clean-up and restoration of natural areas
  • Waste: turning food waste to compost or energy
  • Water: watershed education

The food and land workgroups outreach materials are available!
Please contact Marianne Seifert at 253 798-3823 or
mseifert@tpchd.org with how many you would like and in which language.

Tahoma Tilth: a Rural-Urban Community Gardening Community: English, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese

Land Use Community Action (LUCA) Workgroup: English, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese

*Translation and printing of these brochures paid for by the EPA CARE cooperative agreement. Unfortunately, we were not able to get Cambodian and Samoan translations in time.
    Questions? Suggestions? Would you like to help?
    Please contact Marianne Seifert at 253 798-3823 or mseifert@tpchd.org.