Water Quality Violation Notices and Boil Water Advisories

If you, as a water system manager, receive notification that you have a bacterial water quality violation you will need to prepare and send out a Water Quality Violation Notice. You may also need to include the recommendation to boil the water in response to bacterial contamination violations; which is known as a Boil Water Advisory.

This page includes recommendations and answers to questions related to Boil Water Advisories. The Health Department recommends that you thoroughly assess the information you provide to your customers in the event of a Water Quality Violation and Boil Water Advisory, and contact the Health Department for assistance in preparing for and distributing a Water Quality Violation Notice or Boil Water Advisory.

The Health Department cannot guarantee that by following these recommendations illness will not occur during a Water Quality Violation Notice event or Boil Water Advisory. However, you will be using best management practices to address possible water system contamination and fulfilling your notification requirements. You may wish to be more restrictive than the information provided in the documents below.

If you have any questions, please contact the Health Department at (253) 798-6470.

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding a Boil Water Advisory

Guidelines for Childcare Centers During a Boil Water Advisory

Feeding Infants During a Boil Water Advisory