Clean water promotes good public health

Do you value safe water to drink and clean water in bays and lakes? Protecting Pierce County's water resources is a top priority for the Health Department's Environmental Health Program. We work hard to protect groundwater (water found in the ground) that is the source of many people's drinking water and to protect surface water that includes lakes, streams and bays.

Protecting Pierce County's valuable water resources also requires the participation of other government agencies, community organizations and the involvement of community members. As a community member you have a critical role to play in protecting water resources. The actions you take every day can either pollute or protect water resources.

For example, if you have a septic system, taking some simple steps to care for it can help to make sure your system is working properly and does not contaminate ground or surface water. If you use lawn and garden chemicals, the type of chemicals you use and how you use them can make a big difference when it comes to protecting water and your health. Or, if your drinking water comes from a well, knowing how to take care of the well can mean the difference between a safe and healthful supply of water or drinking water that can make you sick.

The topics listed under this section of our web site are intended to provide all community members with information on actions you can take to stay healthy and to protect water resources at the same time.

For more information call (253) 798-6470.

Verification of Water Supply Application
Public Water Supply Review for Real Estate Transaction
Individual Water Supply Review for Real Estate Transaction
Environmental Health Code, Chapter 1, General Provisions - Board of Health Resolution 2010-4221
Environmental Health Code, Chapter 3, Drinking Water Board of Health Resolution 2015-4443
Appeals Process of Orders and Decisions of the Health Officer, Board of Health Resolution 2010-4224
Asset Management for Small Water Systems

Pierce County Exempt Well Requirements