Report a Problem

Report a Foodborne Illness

Knowing your symptoms and when they occurred are critical to determining the cause of foodborne illness. Write down when your symptoms occurred and your five-day food history so you don't forget. If you have a serious case of foodborne illness, first seek medical attention.

Report a Food Safety Complaint

All reports are investigated in a timely manner. Anonymous reports are accepted. However, we require you to submit your information so we can contact you if we have questions or need clarification during the investigation.

Report an On-site Sewage Complaint

We work to ensure that septic systems are located and installed correctly and kept in good working condition. Report septic systems that you believe have been installed incorrectly or is failing.

Report a Solid Waste Facility Complaint

Submit a complaint against a commercial business that is creating an environmental or public health concern in Pierce County. Please give us as much information as possible. The more detailed you are, the more quickly and effectively we can respond.

Report a Residential Waste or Garbage Complaint