Local Source Control

Local Source Control (LSC) is part of the Puget Sound Initiative of the Washington State Department of Ecology. We are a technical assistance resource, or consultant, for businesses that generate small quantities of hazardous waste. Our goal is to prevent polluted runoff from entering the Puget Sound and impacting our beaches, waters, fish and shellfish.

We work with businesses to review their hazardous waste handling and disposal, as well as any other business practices that could have environmental impacts. And if there’s an issue, we’ll point out what’s needed and provide information on solutions. These checks are voluntary and non-regulatory. And there is no cost to the business.

We work with many types of businesses, including auto repair, auto painting, dry cleaners, nail salons, schools, gas stations, and golf courses. If you have hazardous materials on-site, we can offer training and education on current environmental regulations, with tips and tools tailored specifically to your needs. We look at each businesses’ current practices to offer specific recommendations, including (whenever possible) identifying alternatives to the hazardous materials currently used, stored, and disposed.

For more about this program, please visit the Department of Ecology’s Local Source Control website.

To schedule a visit, or if you have questions, contact:

Joyce Seger (253) 798-6031  jseger@tpchd.org or

Chris Matter (253) 798-6492  cmatter@tpchd.org