About Us

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department tackles known and emerging health risks through policy, programs and treatment in order to protect public health.

Our Vision: Healthy People in Healthy Communities.

Our Mission: We protect and improve the health of all people and places in Pierce County.

Our Core Values


What is public health?

  • You turn on your tap and you have safe and reliable drinking water…that’s public health.
  • You go out to eat with your family and don’t have to worry about getting sick…that’s public health.
  • Your child goes to school and you don’t have to worry about them catching whooping cough…that’s public health.
  • A young pregnant woman gets connected with resources to ensure that her baby will be born healthy…that’s public health.
What does public health do?
  • Improves the conditions and behaviors that affect our health;
  • Battles against deadly contagious diseases;
  • Promotes healthier lifestyles;
  • Seeks to reduce incidences of preventable diseases;
  • Minimizes the consequences of catastrophic events; and
  • Provides the basics of sanitation, safe food, and water;
  • Reduces community stress levels by reducing the likelihood of, or minimizing the impact of major health crisis;
  • Promotes and maintains the standards necessary for more livable and vibrant communities;
  • Attracts people to our community by giving them a healthy environment to live in and raise their families; and
  • Makes it possible for people to lead more productive lives by working to enhance community health through population-based interventions.
Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department performs our important public health work in Pierce County through:

Communicable Disease Control
Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department’s Communicable Disease and Control Division works to prevent the transmission of and manage outbreaks of communicable diseases. We educate residents and medical professionals, collect and analyze epidemiological data and investigate cases to detect outbreaks and target response efforts. We work to ensure people with diseases such as HIV/AIDS, whooping cough, and tuberculosis receive appropriate care and prevent further transmission. In addition, the Division plans and prepares for an effective response to biological, technical, and natural hazard incidents.

Environmental Health
Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department’s Environmental Health Division helps our communities become healthier places to live, learn, work and play through our work to improve natural and built environments. We perform this role by ensuring that water is safe to drink, food in restaurants and schools is safe to eat, air is safe to breathe, and more people have access to healthy foods and healthy environments.

Strengthening Families
Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department collaborates with other agencies, health care providers, schools and community coalitions to systemically improve the health of children and families. Our initiatives include providing evidence-based nursing and family support worker services, substance abuse prevention education, substance abuse counseling and treatment, as well as developing a comprehensive community oral health plan, and developing and implementing other strategies to improve health disparities for the clients we serve.

Administrative Services
Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department’s Administrative Services Division supports the efforts of all other Divisions and leads the Department’s efforts to pursue organizational excellence by means of highly skilled people, improved processes and effective systems. This division includes the Office of the Director, finance and budget services, human resources, risk management, information technology, epidemiological assessments, community planning, quality improvement, communications and the Vital Records Office.