The 2011-2015 Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department Strategic Plan


Health can be fleeting. At one moment we have it, but in an instant or a series of events and circumstances, it slips from our hands. Getting it back can feel like an insurmountable obstacle. But with proper care, the right environment and time, health can be ours again.

It is the same for our community. The health of Pierce County is susceptible to external injustices, affected by virulent economic conditions and impacted by fragile environments. But with proper care, the right environment and time, we can help guide the community on the path back to health. Individuals will always need to take action and find their own motivation, but the Health Department can lead the way by creating and maintaining a path that leads towards the achievable destination of good health.

At the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department we have an opportunity to forge a path that leads to a shared health destination for the people of Pierce County. Strategic planning is the engineering behind this path. We have created the long-term goals for our organization and identified the strategies and procedures to get there. After thoughtfully examining the conditions in the community, identifying the health priorities and listening to our community partners, we outlined the steps that lead us to achieve our vision and mission. The Department's core values of respect, integrity and leadership are the beacons that guide these efforts.

The new strategic plan now lets us proactively lead this journey. It guides our decisions - whether for budgets, grants, or new programs. It also illuminates several exciting new cross-divisional efforts: health equity, school health collaboration, a community health improvement plan, and a comprehensive community oral health program.

Residents of Pierce County can join us on this journey to health. Our county can be a place where people embrace healthy lifestyles, where families grow and develop to their full potential, where the natural and built environment fosters health, and where resources to minimize and prevent disease are within reach for everyone. We will continue to build the infrastructure and processes that we need to achieve our vision. I am looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together to create healthy people in healthy communities, and I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Anthony L-T Chen, MD, MPH

Director of Health

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